Kinvara Rosehip Day Cream

To complement the Kinvara Cleansing Oil, is the wonderful, Rosehip Day Cream. What I love about this Day Cream, is the matte texture it leaves on your skin after you apply it, creating a lovely base for make up.

Again, like with the Cleansing oil, the fragrance is something to be loved with the scents based on lavender and lemon.Kinvara Day Cream.png

This fast absorbing cream is enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, which helps the skin retain moisture and plump up the skin. The Cream also contains oils rich in omega fatty acids like Rosehip and Thistle oil, which Rosehip oil also proven to promote the healing of scars.

The Rosehip Day Cream also has several awards to its name –

  • 2017 – RSVP Beauty Awards
  • 2016 – RSVP Beauty Awards
  • 2016 – UK Beauty Shortlist Best budget Buy

Again, Kinvara Skincare, have produced a beautiful, natural product that is good for you and leaves your skin feeling cared for.



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